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Maggie – 2017 Moving in with Grandparents! Free 2-page Paper Doll!

This site will be featuring Maggie and how she connects with her ancestors…her grandparents…and even Grandma’s Grandma!

Attached is a free paper doll which now is in Jpeg. When I can get my new software learned, I will convert it into PDF.  Free for anyone to use…  Encourage your child…to decorate and color this Paper doll as she wishes.  (You could mount the paper doll Maggie onto stiffer paper…).

maggie paper doll letter size1 0f 2nowjpeg

Maggie wears the top and leggings when she first arrives at Grandma and Grandpa Carlson’s “Catalog House”. That’s the house that Grandma’s great-grandpa and friends built from a kit ordered from a Sears Catalog!

Decorate the top and leggings with fun patterns, colors. Maybe copy your favorite top and leggings!  Also, maybe you and your mom (or other adult) can mount “Maggie” onto cardboard so she is stiffer.

Oh…here’s Page 2. Maggie will need a fancy dress…for a cousin’s wedding. And…she will soon start learning Softball! Grandpa and Dad signed her up for the local Girl Softball Program!

maggie paper doll letter size 2 of 2 pdnowjpeg

Have fun. Maggie’s adventures…are just beginning. Watch for more free paper dolls, stories, even Doll Patterns…(for Wellie Wishers ™, Hearts for Hearts Girls ™ and American Girl(tm) and similar 18″ dolls!!!

Vanessa Knutsen of  “dollsteachgirls”!




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  • dollsteachgirls: Sears used to sell kits to build Craftsman homes. All the needed materials were delivered along with plans, and the recipients then built these homes.
  • dollsteachgirls: I've just started reviving my wordpress site here. Stay tuned especially if you like using dolls to teach girls...about history...including your famil
  • dollsteachgirls: If it is a pattern of mine shown on the Joann site, I think they redid their site and it might be gone. Try Pinterest under my name Vanessa Knutsen. O
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