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Take a flexible plastic milk carton which has 1-2 indentations deep enough for a doll hat. (I used a Centrella brand milk carton. It has two bowl-shaped indentations.)

Mark a circle 1 to 1 1/2″ around circular indentation on milk carton. (A soft pencil would work.)


milkbottle doll hat jpeg

Milk Bottle Doll Hat Project. Fits many `13-14″ dolls!!! Watch for photos of dolls modeling some finished Milk Bottle Hats!!!


Cut out hat.  Punch 2 holes either side of hat crown…using large needle or similar item.

Use elastic cord…or narrow ribbon to make hat ties.

Decorate hat crown with decorative duct tape and scraps of silk flowers, ribbon, small feathers as desired.

(Note…if a child is to play with hat, fold over some duct tape along hat edge to cover slightly sharp plastic edge.)

Pictures of finished doll hats…to come!!!




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  • dollsteachgirls: Sears used to sell kits to build Craftsman homes. All the needed materials were delivered along with plans, and the recipients then built these homes.
  • dollsteachgirls: I've just started reviving my wordpress site here. Stay tuned especially if you like using dolls to teach girls...about history...including your famil
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