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It’s 2017 (this year). And 6 year old Maggie is scared. Soon she must live with her Grandma Peggy. She hasn’t seen Grandma Peggy since she was 4.This blog follow’s Maggie’s …

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imageWelles ™ are the new doll line introduced 2016 by American Girl (AG) of Mattel.

While high priced ($60 US dollars), they feature quality thick hair wig and a durable hard body. Faces are delightful…and have a lovely child look. Im not as thrilled with the doll’s torso…as the joining seam is a bit too prominent. Also, limbs and head have only a limited motion range ( as compared to…Hearts for Hearts dolls who have a moderately good range of motion.


However…Wellies are a durable second doll for little girls moving beyond baby doll stage. And…AG offers clothes, accessories. And Pinterest holds many for purchase charming outfits…And for purchase or free Wellies patterns.

Soon…my free pattern for the pictured Regency (Jane Austen era) will be posted.l

DollsTeachGirls moment…Make this dress for her Wellie doll. Then, you, the Girl, and her Regency-dressed  doll can watch the delightful 2004 Pride and Prejudice movie (Keira Knightley version) with your little girl.

She wont understand it all…yet…but she will enjoy the specialness of the sharing time!



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  • dollsteachgirls: Sears used to sell kits to build Craftsman homes. All the needed materials were delivered along with plans, and the recipients then built these homes.
  • dollsteachgirls: I've just started reviving my wordpress site here. Stay tuned especially if you like using dolls to teach girls...about history...including your famil
  • dollsteachgirls: If it is a pattern of mine shown on the Joann site, I think they redid their site and it might be gone. Try Pinterest under my name Vanessa Knutsen. O