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Take a flexible plastic milk carton which has 1-2 indentations deep enough for a doll hat. (I used a Centrella brand milk carton. It has two bowl-shaped indentations.)

Mark a circle 1 to 1 1/2″ around circular indentation on milk carton. (A soft pencil would work.)


milkbottle doll hat jpeg

Milk Bottle Doll Hat Project. Fits many `13-14″ dolls!!! Watch for photos of dolls modeling some finished Milk Bottle Hats!!!


Cut out hat.  Punch 2 holes either side of hat crown…using large needle or similar item.

Use elastic cord…or narrow ribbon to make hat ties.

Decorate hat crown with decorative duct tape and scraps of silk flowers, ribbon, small feathers as desired.

(Note…if a child is to play with hat, fold over some duct tape along hat edge to cover slightly sharp plastic edge.)

Pictures of finished doll hats…to come!!!



Meeting picture

Today…Spring 2017…little Maggie meets her Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Lars. Maggie and her dad Carlos are moving into the ‘Catalog Home’. (You will find out why it’s called “Catalog Home” very soon!) She barely remembers them from 2 years ago…and yes, Maggie is a bit scared, since she and her parents will be moving in with them.

Dad Carlos holds the Maggie doll which Grandma Peggy had mailed to little Maggie. (Soon—free patterns for Maggie’s 2017 Leggings and Top dress will be posted on this site. Sizes available for Hearts for Hearts dolls ™, Wellie Wishers ™, and American Girl ™ and similar 18″ dolls.)

Grandma Peggy is giving Maggie a second Doll, the “Peggy” doll. Peggy is dressed in 1957 clothing. Grandma Peggy will soon tell Maggie stories about the Peggy doll, and her life as a 9 year old girl in 1957…living in the Catalog Home pictured above. (Yes, the Peggy doll represents Grandma Peggy herself!)

And…later Grandma Peggy will give Maggie a third doll, the Greta doll who represents 12 year old Greta Johansson. Yes, Greta was Grandma Peggy’s grandmother. So Grandma Peggy will connect her little granddaughter Maggie with the generations.

Grandma Peggy will be telling (and illustrating) stories about all three girls…her grandma Greta (a Swedish American immigrant whose father first built the Catalog Home), herself in 1957 (living in the remodeled Catalog Home with her many siblings), and even stories about Maggie…(tho Maggie will help tell these stories). The 3 dolls will be used to visually connect Maggie with her family present…and past.

Expect some crafts, free paper dolls, patterns…eventually a downloadable story book suitable for little girls.

And…where is Maggie’s mother? She is coming soon after her leg wound heals. Watch this blog for stories about Maggie’s mom…and her robot leg. Mom will be joining them…soon!

1917:  Greta Johansson, a 12 year old Chicago girl, was born in Sweden. She is a year behind in school because she first had to learn English. However, she is very smart and will soon catch up with her fellow students. Greta taught English to her Swedish-born parents! She just moved to a new house on the edge of a small town northwest of Chicago. Her father ordered the home from a catalog and he (and his brothers and friends) built the house themselves!!! Greta is excited about the new home even though it’s a bit crowded. They OWN their own home after years of renting. They call it their Catalog Home!


1957: Peggy is an active 9-year old girl living north of Chicago in a new place called “The Suburbs”. She knows Greta, because Greta is her grandmother. Her father (and friends, relatives) remodeled the upstairs of their Catalog Home which they now own. Peggy and her many siblings have bedrooms and a play area on the second floor. Their home, once on the edge of town with farm fields on 2 sides, is now surrounded by new homes. Peggy has many friends about her age and enjoys riding her bike on the newly-installed sidewalks.

2017: Little Maggie is only 6 years old. Her mother was a soldier overseas and is still in the hospital. Father and Maggie are moving into the Catalog Home with Maggie’s grandparents. Maggie knows Peggy because Peggy is her Grandmother. And that troublemaking boy down the street Peggy once hated…is now Peggy’s husband. And Maggie’s fun Grandpa. Father will help Grandpa remodel Catalog Home…to make a good place for both families and for other Family Visitors! And soon Maggie’s Mom will come home…with a new Left Foot…Her “New Robot Foot” as Grandma calls it.

Maggie is SCARED because she hasn’t seen her grandparents for a long time. But…Grandma has mailed her a Maggie doll…and look! Grandma will soon give Maggie 2 more dolls.   And Maggie will soon get to know Greta, because Grandma Peggy will tell the wonderful stories of Greta to her Granddaughter.

Watch for more crafts, free patterns…and soon a downloadable, printable Story book!


It’s 2017 (this year). And 6 year old Maggie is scared. Soon she must live with her Grandma Peggy. She hasn’t seen Grandma Peggy since she was 4.This blog follow’s Maggie’s …

Source: About Us – and our Mission… Dolls teaching Girls!

imageWelles ™ are the new doll line introduced 2016 by American Girl (AG) of Mattel.

While high priced ($60 US dollars), they feature quality thick hair wig and a durable hard body. Faces are delightful…and have a lovely child look. Im not as thrilled with the doll’s torso…as the joining seam is a bit too prominent. Also, limbs and head have only a limited motion range ( as compared to…Hearts for Hearts dolls who have a moderately good range of motion.


However…Wellies are a durable second doll for little girls moving beyond baby doll stage. And…AG offers clothes, accessories. And Pinterest holds many for purchase charming outfits…And for purchase or free Wellies patterns.

Soon…my free pattern for the pictured Regency (Jane Austen era) will be posted.l

DollsTeachGirls moment…Make this dress for her Wellie doll. Then, you, the Girl, and her Regency-dressed  doll can watch the delightful 2004 Pride and Prejudice movie (Keira Knightley version) with your little girl.

She wont understand it all…yet…but she will enjoy the specialness of the sharing time!



*Look on my Pinterest page…(Vanessa Knutsen). I have some free patterns …including some Regency dress patterns!

*Look in my Hearts for Hearts doll board. I have a few free patterns including a Regency dress…for these beautiful dolls.

*I will post my pattern for Wellies…after my computer is fixed! See the attached picture!

And later I will post my instructions on how to make and decorate…the bonnet (seen on the Wellie doll…Ashlyn …posted below.image

Regency Era is Jane Austen’s era!  (Roughly from 1795-1820…where women, girls wore fairly simple, straight dresses & gowns…)

Jane Austen wrote Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, and other books…Most have been made into popular movies…and are still favorites!


Introduce Jane Austen to your daughter.

Make the Regency dress for her favorite doll. You, Daughter and Regency-dressed doll could then watch…the 2004 Pride and Prejudice movie starring Keira Knightley.

Watch for other free patterns, stories, pictures…involving the 3 popular dolls listed above!




Dolls teach Girls…Longer version:  “I am using Dolls to teach girls important skills: Sewing, Pattern design, Crafts, Knitting, and even some History…”   First project involves a Jane Austen style Regency Dress pattern for the 18″ Girl Doll!  Am even hand sewing it!  Will put in my “plug” for the fabulous Jane Austen books…Maybe the Jane Austen style dress is a way to get your young daughter/granddaughter/student to read “Pride and Prejudice”!

Watch for (in no special order): Free Doll Patterns (starting with the now classic 18″ girl doll)…free Doll Accessory Patterns, maybe also free projects girls can duplicate to make money for themselves (such as headbands, doll clothes, purse patterns…to name a few).

This site is also a possible school or homeschool resource.  Stay tuned. Expect to post my pattern (or a way to get the free pattern) in the next week!


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